Vintage Furniture Calgary

If you prefer traditional looking items, you sure will love the vintage furniture that stores in Calgary are offering. Their collection includes many living room and bedroom pieces like cabinets, armoires, tables, chairs and more. All of them, crafted with the finest of finishing, have that sleek and regal design, which guarantees to upgrade the look of any space to the next level.

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Antiques by Design

If you like vintage furniture styles, you should check out Antiques by Design, one of the leading vintage retailers in Calgary. This is the right store where you can buy a variety of vintage furniture items at affordable rates. Th...
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Uniquities Vintage

If you want to refurbish your home to give it a vintage look, you would need to buy some vintage furniture pieces. Uniquities is one of the top furniture shopping destination in Calgary, where you can buy quality vintage furniture...
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Rus Vintage

Do you have a vintage themed photo shoot photo shoot, wedding or event coming up? If you are trying to create a vintage setting, check out the store of Rus Vintage, a reputed vintage furniture rental company in Calgary. They can p...

Vintage Bedrooms

There is no doubt that vintage furniture pieces remain in style for traditional look and elegance. Vintage furniture items can add subtle style to your bedroom. If are looking for dressing table, bed, wardrobe, chair in vintage st...